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Quru Lab is an initiative for crafting top notch creative and tech solutions for businesses and enterprises.

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Our Expertise

We Empower Your Business With Top Notch Creative and Tech Solutions.

Web Development

We build Web apps, APIs,
Packages, Micro services. Cloud computing service, AWS, Netlify, Azure, Heroku.

Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)

We build scalable mobiles apps
for android and iOS devices.

dApp and Smart Contract

We code, deploy and audit enterprise grade Smart contract and dApps.

Quru Academy

Premium online academy to learn professional skills on Blockchain Smart contract, dApp development, Web Development and Mobile App development.

Why Choose Quru Lab?

We Write
Clean Codes

We Make
Interactive Designs

We Build Robust
and Scalable Solutions

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platforms we build on

Web Development

We craft websites and web apps with Laravel, React, Vue and NuxtJS.

Android App

We build and maintain native android apps with Kotlin. Hybrid and Cross platform apps with Flutter.


We build native iOS Apps with SWIFT. Better apps with great performance.


We build secure Smart contracts and dApps with RIDE. Blockchain games, Smart Assets, Stable coin.


stuffs we have built

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Bolingo dApp

Bolingo dApp is a decentralized donation and tipping dApp built with RIDE on the Waves blockchain. It enables community to donate and tip active voluntary developers and contributors in decentralized community.

[dapp is live]

deREG dApp

deREG dApp is a decentralized record and identity tracking and management system. deREG is fit to solve several issues associated with birth record and age forgery with the aid immutability feature of blockchain.

[dapp is live]

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Auctionlance is a secure P2P freelancer marketplace where clients hire and pay freelancers with crypto such as Bitcoin, wUSD, wEUR, Waves, Auct Token and more..

[dapp is live]

Telegram Price Bot

Telegram Price bot is an elegant price bot that enables Africans track price of cryptocurrency in their local African currencies like Nigeria Naira, South African Rands, Ghana Cedis, Sudanese Pounds and more. Multi currency support.

[BOT is live]

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Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.